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School Hours:
AM Kindergarten 8:15 am - 11:15 am
PM Kindergarten 12:15 pm - 3:15 pm
Grades 1 - 5 and Full Day Kindergarten   8:15 am - 3:15 pm

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AM Kindergarten


PM Kindergarten




Full Day

​10:50 am - 11:05 am

​ 11:05 am - 11:25 am

​First Grade

​​11:10 am - 11:25 am

​ 11:05 am - 11:25 am

​​10:30 - 10:45 am

​Second Grade

​11:50 am - 12:05 pm

​ 12:05 pm - 12:25 pm

​10:00 - 10:15 am

​Third Grade

​11:30 am - 11:45 am

​11:45 am - 12:05 pm

​10:45 - 11:05 am

Fourth Grade​

​ 12:25pm - 12:40 pm

12:40 pm - 1:00 pm

 2:30 - 2:45 pm

​Fifth Grade


​ 12:20pm-12:40pm

​2:45 - 3:00 pm

Please call our voice messaging absence line number, 234-4404, each day your child will not be attending school or will be arriving late, leaving your child's name and teacher's name. You can also email the absence to ees-attendance@asd20.org 
It is our policy that we call the parents of students that we have not received notice of the absence. If an absence is not confirmed by 4:00 p.m. on the day of the absence, an automated message will be sent to parents regarding the absence.


Once children are in attendance for the day, they will be excused to leave only upon the request of a parent/guardian. Students will only be released to people who are listed as an emergency contact, or we have a note signed by the parent giving permission for that person to take the student. The office may ask for identification. Students leaving school before the dismissal time (3:15 p.m.) must be signed out in the office.

If you are requesting make up work, please call ahead of time or email the teacher and we will have the work for you in the office. Classroom teachers will discuss his/her make up work policy at our Parent Information Night.
JE Student Attendance - Academy School District 20
In accordance with state law, it is the obligation of every parent to ensure that every child under his/her care and supervision who has attained the age of six years on or by August 1, and is under the age of seventeen years, receives adequate education and training and attends school.
Each year the Board of Education shall establish the school attendance period by adopting a school calendar. Secondary students are required to be in attendance a minimum of 1,056 hours and full-time elementary students a minimum of 968 hours during each school year.
Attendance is a key factor in student achievement. When absences do occur, they will be treated as either excused or unexcused. Excused absences are as follows: 
  • absences approved by the principal or his/her designee.
  • absences due to temporary illness or injury
  • absences for an extended period of time due to physical, mental, or emotional disabilities. 
  • absences due to being in the custody of the court or law enforcement authorities.
If an absence does not fall into one of the above categories, it will be considered unexcused.
Each school shall establish a system of monitoring individual unexcused absences. When a student fails to attend school on a regularly scheduled school day and school personnel have received no indication that his/her parent is aware of the absence, school personnel shall make a reasonable effort to notify the parent. Excessive unexcused absences may result in referral to the court system.
If a student is absent without a signed parental excuse or if the student leaves school or class without permission of the teacher or administrator in charge, the student shall be considered truant. A child who is habitually truant shall be defined as a student who has attained the age of six years on or before August 1, and is under the age of seventeen years, is a registered student in Academy District Twenty, and has four total days of unexcused absences in any one month or ten total days of unexcused absences during any school year.
When a student becomes habitually truant, the school shall require a meeting between the student's parent and appropriate school personnel to review and evaluate the reasons for the student being habitually truant. Such meeting shall be arranged by appropriate administrative personnel.
Consequences for truancy shall be determined at the building and shall appear in student handbooks.
"Parent" includes a parent or legal guardian.

Adopted/Approved: February 5, 1987
Reviewed: June 17, 2004
Revised: February 17, 1994
September 19, 2007
January 23, 2009
Legal Refs:
C.R.S. 22-33-104, 104.5
C.R.S. 22-33-107
1 CCR 301-78 Colorado State Board of Education Standardizing Calculation for Counting Student Attendance and Truancy