Character Education

Explorer Elementary is a community of students, parents and teachers with a mission of ensuring that all roads lead to learning.  Everyone who is part of this community needs to conduct himself or herself in accordance with our SOAR Building-Wide Behavior Expectations. SOAR will be taught to students in each classroom at the beginning of the year and periodically throughout the year.  Classroom rules will be based on the same expectations. SOAR stands for Safe, On-Task, Achieve, and Respect. These expectations are taught for various areas around the building: playground, kiss-n-go, hallways, bathrooms, cafeteria, assemblies, office, and classrooms.
Explorer's Monthly Character Traits 
Each trait will be taught on a daily basis though modeling, teachable moments, direct lessons, or indirectly through student/staff examples and discussions. However, there will be one trait per month that is stressed among the school and in each class.
  • August -Respect - individual differences, be tolerant, fair, considerate, courteous and polite, do not mistreat others 
  • September - Compassion/Caring - Be empathetic, patient, caring, kind, and thoughtful
  • October - Honesty - tell the truth, be sincere, do not deceive, mislead or be tricky, do not withhold important information, do not cheat, be trustworthy and straightforward
  • November - Citizenship - Be selfless, a team player, charitable and serve your community: family, country, school, and peers
  • December - Integrity/Fairness - Stand up for your beliefs about right and wrong, resist social pressures to do wrong, be honorable
  • January - Courage - Make positive choices, do not be swayed by negative peer pressure, confront destructive peer pressure, take responsibility for personal wrongdoing, hold others accountable, confront inner fears and struggles, be a positive role model
  • February - Hope - Believe in yourself, be optimistic, resilient, and do not be discouraged, promote your own learning from situations
  • March - Excellence - Do your personal best in academics, co-curricular endeavors, personal relationships, in personal behavior, and make good ethical choices
  • April - Perseverance - Be steadfast, display self-discipline, commit to keep going in difficult circumstances, be determined to learn from hard situations or failures
  • May Responsibility - Be accountable to self and others, be reliable, follow through on commitments, be supportive of each other, get involved, be forthright in relationships

Internet Safety

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